Application Dev & Support

Ojas helps its customers to build robust business applications with quality, but yet cost effective. With more than 3 years of experience as an Organization and 15+ Years of experience inferred from the Leadership of Ojas, we strive to provide Cost Effective IT services to our customers enabling them to take the cost advantage to be competitive in their business.

Technology Competencies:


Python, Django, Flask, RestApi, NumPy, Pandas, PyQt5, Plotly, Matplotlib, tkinter, WebSrapping, WebCrawling


Spring(MVC, Webflow, Batch, Data, Security, Boot, Integration), Hibernate, iBATIS, Grails


MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Apache Cassandra, Hbase, HDFS, MapReduce, MongoDB


Spring Boot, Eureka, Zuul, Zookeeper, HAProxy, Hystrix, ELK(Elastic, Logstash, Kibana)

Web 2.0

Angular JS, EXTJS, HTML 5, CSS3, Express JS, Node JS, Boot Strap, ROR


Dockers, Jenkins, Hudson, Anthill, Maven, Gradle, Ansible, Puppet, Chef